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NY Supreme Court Allows Veil Piercing Claim to Proceed

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Blog |

In an May 2, 2016 ruling, the NY Supreme Court allowed Law Office of Ethan A. Brecher, LLC client to pursue a veil-piercing claim against the individual owner of the LLC that allegedly owed him a fee for his helping place $165 million of financing for a construction project in Brooklyn,...

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S&P Quits Grading Most CDOs That Investor Said It Underrated

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Blog |

Following the filing of a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court by the Law Office of Ethan A. Brecher, LLC on behalf of a hedge fund that invests in TruPS CDOs seeking an order that Standard and Poors properly rate the CDOs, on December 22, 2015, “Standard & Poor’s withdrew most of its ratings on a type of security built from bank debt, two months after an investor sought a court order to require more “accurate”...

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