Practice Areas

Securities Litigation

The Firm represents individuals with claims invoking fraud in their brokerage or bank accounts.

Employment Litigation

The Firm represents individuals in a range of employment litigation (in court and arbitration) against their current and former employers.

Commercial/Business Litigation

The Firm represents individuals and companies (including hedge funds) in a variety of complex commercial litigation matters.

The Law Office of Ethan A. Brecher, LLC was founded by Ethan A. Brecher, an attorney with 28 years of experience in litigating complex issues involving employment and securities disputes in the financial services industry. Mr. Brecher graduated from NYU School of Law in 1991 and Cornell University (B.A. cum laude in History) in 1988.

In Mr. Brecher, as a client you will have no better friend, and your adversary no worse opponent.  You will have a lawyer in your corner ready to fight for you.  He will also give you clear, realistic and unvarnished advice on your case.

Mr. Brecher’s law practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Litigating employment claims for individuals for wrongful termination, discrimination, compensation (bonuses, commissions, etc.), non-competition and defamation;
  • Litigating claims for investors who have been defrauded by their brokers;
  • Filing whistleblower claims relating to securities and tax fraud claims, among others;
  • Defending individuals who are investigated or sued by regulators (including FINRA and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission) relating but not limited to:
    • Misrepresentation or omission of important information about securities;
    • Manipulating the market prices of securities;
    • Stealing customers’ funds or securities;
    • Violating broker-dealers’ responsibility to treat customers fairly;
    • Insider trading (violating a trust relationship by trading on material, non-public information about a security);
    • Selling unregistered securities.
  • Negotiating employment and severance agreements between employees and employers.