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  • Move Gone Wrong: Ex-J.P. Morgan Broker Battles Firm After Termination for ‘Underperformance’

  • VIDEO: June 2, 2016 69th Annual Conference on Labor: Mediation and Arbitration of Employment and Consumer Disputes

  • Ex-CTO drags Society Pass into court for “breaching employment contract”, seeks over US$1.3M in damages

  • Appeals Court Sides With Employee, Upholds $4 Million Award In Retaliatory Firing Dispute

  • ‘This is a watershed moment in our history – compelling people to take a medical treatment’: Biden’s vaccine mandate tramples civil liberties and may bury small businesses already hit hard by pandemic, opponents charge

  • Ex-J.P. Morgan Broker Seeks to Vacate $450K Arb Award

  • Barclays Ordered to Pay $2.1 Million to Trader Fired in Libor Scandal

  • Ex-Citi Broker Wins $4 Million in Wrongful Termination Case




Mr. Brecher has authored the following articles that have been published on Law360:

Mr. Brecher has authored the following articles that have been published in the New York Law Journal:

  • Failing to Pay a Finra Arbitration Award the Good the Bad and the Ugly

  • Non-Mutual Issue Preclusion in Arbitration, NYU 67th Annual Conference on Labor, June 5-6, 2014

  • The Treasury Department’s “Compensation Czar”

  • Theft of a Trade Secret is Now a Federal Crime

  • Brokerages Deal With Question of Unclean Hands

  • Putting the Reins on Employment Arbitration: Courts Safeguard Employee Rights

  • Provisional Relief in Aid of Arbitration (co-author)

  • Use of Subpoenas in Arbitration

Additionally, he co-authored a chapter in The Practicing Law Institute’s “Securities Arbitration 2000” course book on the subject of discovery in securities arbitration.

Other publications include:

  • When to Defend Promissory Note Cases? That One in a Thousand Case. (New York State Bar Association March 2014)

  • “Compensation Claims in Securities Industry Arbitration,” published in Compensation, Work Hours and Benefits, Proceedings of the New York University 57th Annual Conference on Labor (Wolters Kluwer 2009)

  • “Whistleblower Claims before the NASD and NYSE,” published in Retaliation and Whistleblowers, Proceedings of the New York University 60th Annual Conference on Labor (Wolters Kluwer 2009).

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