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Brett Jefferson
Founder, President
and Chief Investment Officer
Hildene Capital Management, LLC 

Ethan Brecher has been an exceptional attorney not only for me personally but also for my investment management firm. The structure of my business is multifaceted and deals with large pension funds, institutional clients, and high-net-worth individuals. Ethan’s expertise, extensive knowledge, and his professional demeanor have made working with him a rewarding experience.

Ethan has so much confidence in his practice that he has repeatedly worked on a contingency basis. Every day Ethan brings strong character, integrity, and loyalty to the workplace. He has never taken a shortcut and has constantly worked towards a just and fair resolution.

I cannot speak higher of Ethan Brecher and recommend Ethan to anyone dealing with disputes in the financial services industry. His knowledge, charisma, hard work, and preparation, are bar none.

I am happy to speak with anyone about Ethan Brecher. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


Barney Greengrass

Former JP Morgan Securities Managing Director

Ethan Brecher was an outstanding attorney for me. Before engaging Ethan I interviewed 7 different attorneys. These attorneys held themselves out to have an understanding of a Financial Advisors business as well as an understanding of promissory notes. While the makeup of my business was complex, having dealt with the largest Institutional Clients as well as wealthy individuals, Ethan was truly the only one who had an extensive knowledge and understanding of my situation. Other lawyers who held themselves out as experts in this field didn’t understand the basic terminology of my business such as Stock Loan, Short Sales or DVP accounts. Besides Ethan’s invaluable knowledge and understanding of my situation, his clear understanding of the arbitration forum helped to expertly prepare me to plead my case in the most powerful way possible.  Ethan’s strong personality was responsible for guiding me, criticizing me and preparing me  to keep  focused on making our case so strong. Ethan expertly guided our preparation to stay focused on the important issues and dropping the less important ones so as not to lose the arbitrators attention. Finally, in Ethan’s closing comments he spoke for over an hour without reading from notes. He was able to do this because of his true understanding of every detail of this case because of the work that he put in leading up to the arbitration. In the weeks before the arbitration Ethan met with me many times putting me at ease as we prepared together for the arbitration.

Going in we faced the obstacle of brokerage firms winning promissory note cases against brokers over 95% of the time. The lead arbitrator ruled in favor of Morgan Stanley in every case that he was a panelist. It demonstrates how great Ethan was in overcoming these odds. We prevailed against Morgan Stanley and their claims for over $1 million where I owed them  ZERO when the verdict was disclosed.

I highly recommend Ethan Brecher for his Knowledge, Preparation, Strength and Persistence in dealing with disputes in the Financial Services Industry. I also would recommend him to any broker contemplating a move to another firm to make sure their employee agreement is fair.

Finally, I would be happy to speak to anyone personally if you have further questions.


Christine Marchuska

Former Director of Investor Relations & Marketing at Varden Pacific LLC

Ethan Brecher is a top notch attorney that will go the distance for his clients.  He came highly recommended to me and delivered on all fronts.  His work ethic, integrity, professionalism and thoughtful approach are some of his strongest attributes.

His commitment to his clients is unparalleled with accessibility that I have not experienced with any other attorney. The first time I spoke to Ethan was on a Sunday evening and by Monday morning he had already gone to work in achieving results for my case.

Even after our work was done and payments were made, Ethan continued to stay in touch to make sure the end result was to my liking and that the situation was fully resolved.  I continually refer Ethan to people who are seeking an exceptional employment lawyer and, without question, would hire him again if I was faced with an employment issue.

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