Wall Street Bonus Outlook for 2013

The New York State Comptroller released on October 22, 2013 a report on the outlook for bonuses on Wall Street for 2013.  The report indicated that Wall Street profitability for 2013 would be in the range of $15 billion, as compared to $23.9 billion for 2012. The average compensation (including bonuses) paid to securities industry employees in New York City is $360,700.  This is 5.2 times greater than the rest of the private sector in the City ($69,200).  According to a November 7, 2013 report issued by the consulting firm Johnson and Associates, money management professionals can expect to see a jump of 10% to 15% over last year’s bonus payouts and incentive payouts for professionals in hedge funds, equities, private equity and prime brokerage will increase anywhere from 5% to 15% compared to last year.  By contrast, bonuses for bond traders could drop by similar amounts.